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Naval Anchorage Gwadar 101: Updates and guide for investors

Naval Anchorage Gwadar 101: Updates and guide for investors

Naval Anchorage Gwadar is a residential project of Pakistan Navy. What makes Naval Anchorage Gwadar so special in the context of Gwadar is that it is the first project backed by the armed forces, officially giving it the seal of approval.

Gwadar itself is all set to become the launching pad of Pakistan’s economic renaissance and real estate will play a leading role in that. In such a situation, Naval Anchorage Gwadar, approved by GDA, backed by Pakistan Navy, and located on Makran Coastal Highway, has a great potential for the future and offers itself as one of the most promising projects of the city.

At the time of our last update on Naval Anchorage Gwadar , there were a number of positive news coming in from Naval Anchorage. Ground-breaking ceremony had also recently taken place, but more importantly, the news was that the process of development was set to begin. This article updates you about the latest from the housing scheme.

Market update on Naval Anchorage Gwadar

According to M. Ghayas Ahmedani of Gateway Real Estate, a joint venture partner of Naval Anchorage Gwadar and an authorised dealer of the project, Naval Anchorage’s market has been pretty great, particularly when seen in the backdrop of the rest of the Gwadar. As explained previously, a lot of factors align to make Naval Anchorage one of the favourites among buyers and investors in Gwadar.

The prices have held up well for the cash files, but they have been doing particularly well for the instalment files, according to Ahmedani. There is indeed an asking premium on instalment files, he explained, and it averages between PKR 250,000 and PKR 400,000 on the different categories of plot.

Latest happenings in Naval Anchorage Gwadar: Development, Balloting, and Master Plan

According to Noman Ahmedani of Gateway Real Estate, the most exciting news to come out of Naval Anchorage Gwadar is that development has begun. Work on Sector A of the housing scheme has begun, and the entrance is under construction while work on the road networks is also being done.

Ahmedani also stated that the much-awaited balloting is set to take place soon – perhaps in as little as a month. The Master Plan, meanwhile, had already been launched a couple of months ago. So things are perfectly falling in place for Naval Anchorage Gwadar.

Investment opportunities

Ahmedani felt that this is the absolutely perfect time to invest in Gwadar, and Naval Anchorage Gwadar. Market and prices have been stable for a while, it was the election period, after all, but now things are happening with regard to Gwadar. He explained that just the other day Saudi Arabia also decided to invest in Pakistan and suddenly the new government has also begun showing immense interest in the Gwadar. There could be no better time to invest in than now, as the prices can be expected to rise soon when the new activity starts taking effect.

Are you looking to invest in Naval Anchorage? Do you have any questions about it? You can talk to us in the comments sections. You can also head to the Zameen Forum for a detailed conversation.

Some of the information quoted in this article is sourced from Ghayas Ahmedani, and Noman Ahmedani of Gateway Real Estate, who is the joint venture partner, and sole authorised agent of Naval Anchorage Gwadar. You can call Ghayas for further consultation on Gwadar, and Naval Anchorage Gwadar at + 923008258767.